Turkey's Heat Exchanger Producer


Termokar INC. was established in 2004 as a Karcıoğlu Group investment on a 3.200 m² production area over 6500 m² area in Atatürk Industrial Zone.
Since the day it was established, it has been influential in production and sales of heat exchangers for industrial cooling and HVAC applications and has taken its place among prominent companies of the market.
In 2012, it moved to its new plant with 12.000 m2 closed area over 17.500 m² total area in Manisa Industrial Zone (MOSB)  and thus has had the opportunity to provide better service to its customers at home and abroad.

Nowadays, Termokar heat exchangers has been preferred supplier in many different geographies from Middle East to Scandinavia and from Europe to Africa.

Termokar, of which fundamental principle is to provide customer- based work and high quality competitve product, carries out its production activities in accordance with ISO 9001-:2008 standards and has Eurovent Certification


KAR CONSTRUCTION : The company was established in 1950 and is one of the most long-established construction companies in İzmir. It has carried out the most prestigious projects in  this field and has a company structure that renews and improves itself every year.



KARMAK MACHINERY : The company was established in Çiğli Industrial Zone in 1990. It is involved in in Plastic Injection Mold sector and it is an influential and trendsetter company in its field with its productions in the sectors of white goods, automotive and electronics. As a result of its new investments, it moved to Manisa Industrial Zone in 2012 and continues its activities in the new facilities.



KAR ART: The meeting point of the art lovers of İzmir, Kar Sanat is an art center