Heat Exchange Without Noise


The conditions for the equipments used in energy market are getting harder day by day. Increase in competition is pushing the designers to reduce secure margin on whole design so it became more important for related items to be in compliance with intended performance more than ever.

As Termokar, we are aware of this challenge and offer the optimum solution and proud of the performance for our heat exchangers which are running in challenging conditions of away geographies such as Peru and Argentina.

In addition to above, Decentralized Power Generation became more important as it is possible to get much higher efficiency in terms of total power output. We can see such applications in tall buildings which require also heating. 

The project we recently delivered dry cooler for, is carried out on the roof of a tall building. It was not easy to access to dry coolers so reliability in materials was more critical.There was limited space for installation but our new containerized concept of cooler became as a solution. In decentralized power generation, comfort conditions are also very important; we met the sound level limit beyond the client expectation. 


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